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The Gospel – First Baptist Church of Sudbury


Before countless theologians dissected Jesus throughout the centuries, He was simply good news; a story told over and over again about a God who promises to save His children and then keeps that promise.  You can tell that good news in a number of ways, so here it is in four parts and we hope it is helpful.

  1. The God of the Bible is a loving father, a righteous judge, and mighty creator.  He created us in His image that we might live with him forever.
  2. We sinned against God.  The scriptures tell us that through one man’s sin, disobedience to God entered the whole world, thus our relationship with Him was broken.  That means that because God is perfect, we are unable to do anything on our own to bring us back into right relationship with Him.
  3. So God sent his son Jesus to be the Savior from our sins.  He did this by dying a terrible death on the cross in our place and then resurrecting from the dead, giving hope that we would not die!  This act allowed Jesus to bring us back into right relationship with Himself.
  4. We respond to this great God, who is Jesus Christ.  And the way we respond is simply to turn from our sins we thought would bring us happiness and our good deeds we thought could make us good enough and believe that Jesus' death in our place and resurrection for our life gives us life forever.

Perhaps you have been investigating these things for a while and after hearing this news again want to begin to follow Christ.  Perhaps you are reading this good news for the first time and have a bunch of questions.  Either way, contact us or drop by and grab some coffee with us and we can chat or answer any questions you might have.